On 26 Sep 2002 at 14:05, Shridhar Daithankar wrote:
> Some time back I posted a query to build a site with 150GB of database. In last 
> couple of weeks, lots of things were tested at my place and there are some 
> results and again some concerns. 

> 2) Creating index takes huge amount of time.
> Load time: 14581 sec/~8600 rows persec/~ an MB of data per sec.
> Create unique composite index on 2 char and a timestamp field:  25226 sec.
> Database size on disk: 26GB
> Select query: 1.5 sec. for approx. 150 rows.

> 2) Sort mem.=12K i.e. 94MB, sounds good enough to me. Does this need further 
> addition to improve create index performance?

Just a thought. If I sort the table before making an index, would it be faster 
than creating index on raw table? And/or if at all, how do I sort the table 
without duplicating it?

Just a wild thought..


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