On 26 Sep 2002 at 14:05, Shridhar Daithankar wrote:
> Some time back I posted a query to build a site with 150GB of database. In
> couple of weeks, lots of things were tested at my place and there are some 
> results and again some concerns. 

> 2) Creating index takes huge amount of time.
> Load time: 14581 sec/~8600 rows persec/~ an MB of data per sec.
> Create unique composite index on 2 char and a timestamp field:  25226 sec.
> Database size on disk: 26GB
> Select query: 1.5 sec. for approx. 150 rows.

I never tried 150GB of data, but 10GB of data, and this worked fine for me. 
Maybe it will help if you post your table schema, including which indexes you
use, and the average size of one tuple.

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