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From: "Amit Kapila" <amit.kapil...@gmail.com>
Writing the default value in this file was redundant, because event_source
cannot be NULL.  So change

I think this change might not be safe as write_eventlog() gets called
from write_stderr() which might get called
before reading postgresql.conf, so the code as exists in PG might be
to handle that case or some other similar
situation where event_source is still not set. Have you confirmed in
all ways that it is never the case that
event_source is not set when the control reaches this function.

Yes, you are right. I considered this again after replying to your previous mail, and found out write_stderr() calls write_eventlog(). In that case, event_source is still NULL before GUC initialization.

Please find attached the patch.
I put the default event source name in one place -- pg_config_manual.h, which seems the best place. This could eliminate duplicate default values in four places: pgevent.c, pg_ctl.c, elog.c, and guc.c. Thanks to your review and comment, the code got cleaner and correct. Thank you very much.


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