regression=# \d pg_depend
   Table "pg_catalog.pg_depend"
   Column    |  Type   | Modifiers 
 classid     | oid     | not null
 objid       | oid     | not null
 objsubid    | integer | not null
 refclassid  | oid     | not null
 refobjid    | oid     | not null
 refobjsubid | integer | not null
 deptype     | "char"  | not null
    "pg_depend_depender_index" btree (classid, objid, objsubid)
    "pg_depend_reference_index" btree (refclassid, refobjid, refobjsubid)
Replica Identity: NOTHING

Where did that last line come from, and who thinks it's so important
that it should appear by default?  It seems absolutely content-free
even if I were using whatever feature it refers to, since it is
(I presume) the default state.

Please either suppress this entirely or at least condition it on \d+.

                        regards, tom lane

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