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I think it sucks (that's the technical term) to have to wait for all
currently-running transactions to terminate before being able to begin
streaming changes, because that could take a long time.  And you might
well know that the long-running transaction which is rolling up
enormous table A that you don't care about is never going to touch
table B which you actually want to replicate.  Now, ideally, the DBA
would have a way to ignore that long-running transaction and force
replication to start, perhaps with the caveat that if that
long-running transaction actually does touch B after all then we have
to resync.  Your model's fine when we want to replicate the whole
database, but a big part of why I want this feature is to allow
finer-grained replication, down to the table level, or even slices of

I know you're not going to attempt this for 9.4, but I want to mention a 
related case here. I've often wanted the ability to limit the tables a 
transaction can touch, so that it will not interfere with vacuuming other 

This would be useful when you have some tables that see very frequent 
updates/deletes in a database that also has to support long-running 
transactions that don't hit those tables. You'd explicitly limit the tables 
your long-running transaction will touch and that way vacuum can ignore the 
long-running XID when calculating minimum tuple age for the heavy-hit tables.

If we had that capability it could also be used to improve the time required to 
get a snapshot for a limited set of tables.
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