Mohsen SM wrote:
> I don't find where of code run the like operation for name Type.
> can you tell me where compare Like clues with one column of name type ?
> I don't find function for this operation in /src/backend/utils/adt/name.c 
> when I was in debugging mode
> and get break point on all functions.

Do you mean LIKE in a query like this?

test=> EXPLAIN VERBOSE SELECT oid FROM pg_class WHERE relname LIKE 'pg_%';
                              QUERY PLAN
 Seq Scan on pg_catalog.pg_class  (cost=0.00..12.80 rows=230 width=4)
   Output: oid
   Filter: (pg_class.relname ~~ 'pg_%'::text)
(3 rows)

That would use textlike() in backend/utils/adt/like.c

Laurenz Albe

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