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  When values are packed into small groups, we have to either insert
inefficiently encoded value or re-encode whole right part of values.

It would probably be simplest to store newly inserted items uncompressed,
in a separate area in the page. For example, grow the list of uncompressed
items downwards from pg_upper, and the compressed items upwards from
pg_lower. When the page fills up, re-encode the whole page.

I hacked together an implementation of a variant of Simple9, to see how it performs. Insertions are handled per the above scheme.

In a limited pg_trgm test case I've been using a lot for this, this reduces the index size about 20%, compared to varbyte encoding. It might be possible to squeeze it a bit more, I handcrafted the "selectors" in the encoding algorithm to suite our needs, but I don't actually have a good idea of how to choose them optimally. Also, the encoding can encode 0 values, but we never need to do that, so you could take advantage of that to pack items tighter.

Compression and decompression speed seems to be about the same.

Patch attached if you want to play with it. WAL replay is still broken, and there are probably bugs.

Good idea. But:
1) We'll still need item indexes in the end of page for fast scan.


2) Storage would be easily extendable to hold additional information as
Better compression shouldn't block more serious improvements.

I'm not sure I agree with that. For all the cases where you don't care about additional information - which covers all existing users for example - reducing disk size is pretty important. How are you planning to store the additional information, and how does using another encoding gets in the way of that?

- Heikki

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