On 2013-12-18 22:32, Andrew Dunstan wrote:
You're not really free to assume it - you'll need an exception handler
for the other-than-1 case, or your code might blow up.

This seems to be codifying a bad pattern, which should be using
array_lower() and array_upper() instead.

That's the entire point -- I *want* my code to blow up. If someone passes a multi-dimensional array to a function that assumes its input is one-dimensional and its indexes start from 1, I want it to be obvious that the caller did something wrong. Now I either copy-paste lines and lines of codes to always test for the weird cases or my code breaks in subtle ways.

This is no different from an Assert() somewhere -- if the caller breaks the documented interface, it's his problem, not mine. And I don't want to waste my time coding around the fact that this simple thing is so hard to do in PG.

Marko Tiikkaja

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