Tatsuo Ishii kirjutas N, 26.09.2002 kell 03:37:
> The actual checking is done in INSERT/UPDATE/COPY. However, the
> checking is currently very limited: every byte of a mutibyte character
> must be greater than 0x7f.

Where can I read about basic tech details of Unicode / Charset
Conversion / ...

I't like to find answers to the following (for database created using

1. Where exactly are conversions between national charsets done

2. What is converyted (whole SQL statements or just data)

3. What format is used for processing in memory (UCS-2, UCS-4, UTF-8,
UTF-16, UTF-32, ...)

4. What format is used when saving to disk (UCS-*, UTF-*, SCSU, ...) ?

5. Are LIKE/SIMILAR aware of locale stuff ?


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