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> Hi, Fujii san,
>> On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 7:03 AM, Fujii Masao <masao.fu...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> On second thought, probably we cannot remove the restored WAL files early
>>> because they might be required for fast promotion which is new feature in
>>> 9.3.
>>> In fast promotion, an end-of-recovery checkpoint is not executed. After
>>> the end
>>> of recovery, normal online checkpoint starts. If the server crashes
>>> before such
>>> an online checkpoint completes, the server needs to replay again all the
>>> WAL
>>> files which it replayed before the promotion. Since this is the crash
>>> recovery,
>>> all those WAL files need to exist in pg_xlog directory. So if we remove
>>> the
>>> restored WAL file from pg_xlog early, such a crash recovery might fail.
>>> So even if cascade replication is disabled, if standby_mode = on, i.e.,
>>> fast
>>> promotion can be performed, we cannot remove the restored WAL files
>>> early.
> Following Fujii-san's advice, I've made the attached patch.

Thanks for the patch!

!     if (source == XLOG_FROM_ARCHIVE && StandbyModeRequested)

Even when standby_mode is not enabled, we can use cascade replication and
it needs the accumulated WAL files. So I think that AllowCascadeReplication()
should be added into this condition.

!       snprintf(recoveryPath, MAXPGPATH, XLOGDIR "/RECOVERYXLOG");
!       XLogFilePath(xlogpath, ThisTimeLineID, endLogSegNo);
!       if (restoredFromArchive)

Don't we need to check !StandbyModeRequested and !AllowCascadeReplication()

!               /*
!                * If the latest segment is not archival, but there's still a
!                * RECOVERYXLOG laying about, get rid of it.
!                */
!               unlink(recoveryPath);   /* ignore any error */

The similar line exists in the lower side of exitArchiveRecovery(), so ISTM that
you can refactor that.


Fujii Masao

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