On 12/24/2013 03:17 AM, David Johnston wrote:
I need to be convinced that the server should not just silently ignore
trailing comments.  I'd consider an exception if the only text sent is a
comment ( in such a case we should throw an error ) but if valid commands
are sent and there is just some comment text at the end it should be ignored
the same as if the comments were embedded in the middle of the query text.

I've encountered other clients that output phantom results in this situation
and solving it at the server seems worthwhile so client applications do not
have to care.

In the example case, I think, putting the comment before the command results
in only one timing.  This inconsistency is a symptom of this situation being
handled incorrectly.

It is not sent to the server as a trailing comment. The following file is sent to the server like this.


PQexec(..., "/**/;");
PQexec(..., "/**/");

If this has to be fixed it should be in the client. I think people would complain if we broke the API by starting to throw an exception on PQexec with a string containing no actual query.

Andreas Karlsson

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