On 12/27/2013 01:27 PM, Alexander Korotkov wrote:
> Hackers,
> I believe many of us have seen report of checking PostgreSQL with
> PVS-Studio.
> http://www.viva64.com/en/b/0227/
> Me and Oleg Bartunov got license key for PVS-Studio. Thanks Viva64 for it.
> I've just run PVS-Studio against PostgreSQL head and it gives me very
> many warnings. CSV-file with them is attached. I believe most of them
> are just noise. But there could be useful warning which aren't mentioned
> in the blog post.
> Probably somebody have ideas about what to do this that list?

hmm reading up on the generated warnings I wonder if that list was
generated with the default/recommended settings of the static analyzer -
for example there is a _ton_ of V122 - "Memsize type is used in the
struct/class." errors but the docs on http://www.viva64.com/en/d/0070/

"By default it is disabled since it generates false warnings in more
than 99% of cases."

So maybe you need to apply some default settings to get a more sensible
report to start from?


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