I heard people asking for listen/notify support in the jdbc driver from different 
pgsql lists. I don't know what the status is about that, but here's one solution.

I did this quick hack for our own purposes, maybe someone would like to pick this code 
up and use it as we do...

This code is not well tested, but it will be in the near future, if anyone have any 
comments/spot any bugs, please tell me.

The code is in c++ & java, and was tested/works on win32 and linux/alpha (64bit).
It needs the jdk JNI headers, since it uses the java native interface ...

Just to be clear, this way we're using one separate connection to look at notifys, and 
do the work (if any) in a regular JDBC connection when we get the notify.


 Programmer/Networker [|] Magnus Naeslund

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