Hi Magnus,

Il 04/01/14 13:25, Magnus Hagander ha scritto:
> My first reaction was that exactly those two things were missing. And
> then I read your whole email :)


> With those two, I think it would make much sense to have a view like
> this.

Ok, I will prepare version 2 with those.

> I'd suggest making the view on top of an SRF like pg_stat_replication
> and pg_stat_activity (for example), instead of a whole lot of separate
> function calls like the older stats views.

Ok, good idea.

> in pgarch_ArchiveDone() you seem to be increasing the m_archived_vals
> value for each call and then sending it off.  And then you add that
> number in the stats collector. Isn't that going to add the wrong
> number in the end - after a while, the archiver is going to send "add
> 100" when it's just sent one file? ISTM that pgstat_recv_archiver
> should just do ++ on the value?

You are right. The purpose was to set it to 1 in ArchiveDone (I might
have missed that change), so that I can manage the failed counters in
the same way. I will fix this in version 2.

> Oh, and you need to change the format id number of the stats file.

I have not found any instruction on how to set it. I assume you are
talking about this:


Any suggestion is welcome.
> There's a quick review you for ;) I think it's definitely worthwhile
> with those things fixed (and a proper review, that was just a quick
> one-over)

Thanks for that. It already means a lot if you agree too it is worth it.


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