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> On 01/04/2014 07:20 AM, Amit Kapila wrote:
>> 1. compiling with msvc shows warning in relcache.c
>> 1>e:\workspace\postgresql\master\postgresql\src\backend\
>> utils\cache\relcache.c(3959):
>> warning C4715: 'RelationGetIndexAttrBitmap' : not all control paths
>> return a value
>> Attached patch remove_msvc_warning.patch to remove above warning
> Hmm, I thought we gave enough hints in the elog macro to tell the compiler
> that elog(ERROR) does no return, since commit 
> b853eb97182079dcd30b4f52576bd5d6c275ee71.
> Have we not enabled that for MSVC?
I looked at this a while back here:

And found that because elevel was being assigned to a variable that the
compiler could not determine that the if (elevel_ >= ERROR) was constant
therefore couldn't assume that __assume(0) would be reached with the
microsoft compiler


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