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> How did you set up the standby? Did you initialize it from an offline
>> backup of the master's data directory, perhaps? The log shows that the
>> startup took the the "crash recovery first, then start archive recovery"
>> path, because there was no backup label file. In that mode, the standby
>> assumes that the system is consistent after replaying all the WAL in
>> pg_xlog, which is correct if you initialize from an offline backup or
>> atomic filesystem snapshot, for example. But "WAL contains references to
>> invalid pages" could also be a symptom of an inconsistent base backup,
>> cause by incorrect backup procedure. In particular, I have to ask because
>> I've seen it before: you didn't delete backup_label from the backup, did
>> you?
> Well, I cannot answer this right now, but makes all sense and is possible.

I've just confirmed. That was indeed the case, the script was removing the
backup_label. I've just removed this line and synced it again, it is
running nice (for past 1 hour at least).

Thank you guys for all your help, and sorry for all the confusion I caused.

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