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 > Ref:
 > http://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/BDR_Project
 > Is implementing main BDR features into core Postgres a probable objective to
 > version 9.4?

 I've not updated hackers recently on this point, so thanks for asking
 the question. This was discussed in the ending keynote of the PG
 Europe conference, but I appreciate that's not the same thing as
 saying it here.

 The plan is

 * submit the core logical replication technology for 9.4
 * submit online upgrade as a feature for 9.5, allowing upgrades from 9.4+
 * submit full BDR features for 9.6

 BDR code will be released as a separate open source project until/if
 core accepts/modifies that. There's lots of work and discussion to be
 had yet, so the above plan is a reasonable schedule for achieving
 change allowing input from all. Design to full feature submission
 would be 4.5 years, plus we expect the features to mature/extend after
 that, so there's no rush, just steady movement.

 No attempts to publicise that as yet, but if all goes well we expect
 to do that once 9.4 is released.   Thanks for the update!   --
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