On 1/10/14, 4:40 PM, Peter Geoghegan wrote:
My problem is that in general I'm not sold on the actual utility of
making this kind of row locking work with exclusion constraints. I'm
sincerely having a hard time thinking of a practical use-case
(although, as I've said, I want to make it work with IGNORE). Even if
you work all this row locking stuff out, and the spill-to-disk aspect
out, the interface is still wrong, because you need to figure out a
way to project more than one reject per slot. Maybe I lack imagination
around how to make that work, but there are a lot of "ifs" and "buts"
either way.

Well, the usual example for exclusion constraints is resource scheduling (ie: 
scheduling what room a class will be held in). In that context is it hard to 
believe that you might want to MERGE a set of new classroom assignments in?
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