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> > You are correct. pg_dump export reloptions using "WITH" clause of CREATE
> > TABLE statement. I.e.:
> > CREATE TABLE foo (
> > )
> > WITH (autovacuum_enabled=false, bdr.do_replicate=false);
> > So if this statement checks for 'bdr' extension is loaded then in
> > restore it can be fail.
> I see absolutely *nothing* wrong with failing that command if bdr is not
> installed.  For an analogy, if this table includes a column of type bar
> defined by some extension baz, we are certainly going to fail the
> CREATE TABLE if baz isn't installed.


> Now, if bdr is installed but the validation doesn't happen unless bdr
> is "loaded" in some sense, then that is an implementation deficiency
> that I think we can insist be rectified before this feature is accepted.

Check if extension is already installed is not enough for the first version
of this feature?


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