From: "Michael Paquier" <>
On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 12:08 AM, MauMau <> wrote:
C2. "recovery_target = 'immediate'" sounds less intuitive than my suggestion
"recovery_target_time = 'backup_point'", at least for those who want to
recover to the backup point.
Although I don't have a good naming sense in English, the value should be a
noun, not an adjective like "immediate", because the value specifies the
"target (point)" of recovery.
"immediate" is perfectly fine IMO, it fits with what this recovery
target aims at: an immediate consistency point. My 2c on that.

OK, I believe the naming sense of people whose mother tongue is English. I thought the value should be a noun like "earliest_consistency_point" or "earliest_consistency" (I don't these are good, though).


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