On Jan12, 2014, at 06:51 , Marko Tiikkaja <ma...@joh.to> wrote:
> I would humbly like to submit for your consideration my proposal for 
> alleviating pain caused by one of the most annoying footguns in PL/PgSQL: the 
> behaviour of SELECT .. INTO when the query returns more than one row.  Some 
> of you might know that no exception is raised in this case (as opposed to 
> INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE .. INTO, all of them yielding TOO_MANY_ROWS), which can 
> hide subtle bugs in queries if during testing the query always returns only 
> one row or the "correct" one happens to be picked up every time.  
> Additionally, the row_count() after execution is always going to be either 0 
> or 1, so even if you want to explicitly guard against potentially broken 
> queries, you can't do so!
> So I added the following compile-time option:
> set plpgsql.consistent_into to true;

I don't think a GUC is the best way to handle this. Handling
this via a per-function setting similar to #variable_conflict would
IMHO be better.So a function containing

#into_surplus_rows error

would complain whereas

#into_surplus_rows ignore_for_select

would leave the behaviour unchanged.

best regards,
Florian Pflug

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