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2014/1/14 Shigeru Hanada <shigeru.han...@gmail.com>:
> I'd like to revisit this feature.

Attached patch allows a foreign table to be a child of a table.  It
also allows foreign tables to have CHECK constraints.  These changes
provide us a chance to propagate query load to multiple servers via
constraint exclusion.  If FDW supports async operation against remote
server, parallel processing (not stable but read-only case would be
find) can be achieved, though overhead of FDW mechanism is still

Though this would be debatable, in current implementation, constraints
defined on a foreign table (now only NOT NULL and CHECK are supported)
are not enforced during INSERT or UPDATE executed against foreign
tables.  This means that retrieved data might violates the constraints
defined on local side.  This is debatable issue because integrity of
data is important for DBMS, but in the first cut, it is just
documented as a note.

Because I don't see practical case to have a foreign table as a
parent, and it avoid a problem about recursive ALTER TABLE operation,
foreign tables can't be a parent.  An example of such problem is
adding constraint which is not unsupported for foreign tables to the
parent of foreign table.  Propagated operation can be applied to
ordinary tables in the inheritance tree, but can't be to foreign
tables.  If we allow foreign tables to be parent, it's difficult to
process ordinary tables below foreign tables in current traffic cop

For other commands recursively processed such as ANALYZE, foreign
tables in the leaf of inheritance tree are ignored.

Any comments or questions are welcome.
Shigeru HANADA

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