2014/1/15 Masterprojekt Naumann1 <mpws201...@gmail.com>

> Hi,
> during the initialization of the nodes in the plan tree (in ExecInitNode
> in the file execProcnode.c) I want to find out for a node with the type
> T_Agg which table will be aggregated. I tried the following:
>         resultAsAggState = ExecInitAgg((Agg *) node, estate, eflags);
> if (resultAsAggState)
> {
>  //tableOid = rel->rd_id;
> //tableOid = resultAsAggState->ss.ss_currentRelation->rd_id;
>          }
> It would be great to get the Oid of the table, but I would also be
> satisfied if I could get at least the name of the table. Does anyone know
> if it is possible to gather these information?
> Best regards
> Cathleen

Sorry my mail program send the mail to early. Please ignore the line
tableOid = rel->rd_id. I was just deleting the line when google send the
mail :(

resultAsAggState is of the type AggState. As you can see I tried to get the
Oid with the ScanState inside of the AggState, but its Relation
ss_currentRelation is not set already. Is there another way to get the Oid?

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