On Wed, January 15, 2014 09:46, Oleg Bartunov wrote:
>> On Wed, January 15, 2014 08:01, Oleg Bartunov wrote:
>>> It doesn't crashed in the last version in our repository.
>>> =# select  'x'::hstore || ('a=>"1"':: hstore) ;
>>>    ?column?
>>> ---------------
>>>  "x", "a", "1"
>>> (1 row)
>> OK, shall I use that repository instead of the latest posted patch?

I now installed from:

and compiled both a 'fast' and a 'debug' server (=with --enable-cassert see [1])

It turns out that the statement does not crash on a server compiled without 

But a compile with --enable-cassert shows that a bug is still lurking:

testdb=# select  'x'::hstore || ('a=>"1"':: hstore) ;
The connection to the server was lost. Attempting reset: Failed.

TRAP: FailedAssertion("!(value->array.nelems == 1)", File: "hstore_support.c", 
Line: 896)

Not good.

( please note that the assert is in a different file ('hstore_support.c') from 
the earlier assert error that I posted )


Erik Rijkers

'--with-pgport=46541' '--enable-depend'
'--enable-cassert' '--enable-debug' '--with-openssl' '--with-perl' 
'--with-libxml' '--with-libxslt' '--with-zlib'

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