Please tell me a bit about the following bug which has just been solved. I wish this is exactly what has been annoying for a year.

Hot standby 9.2.6 -> 9.2.6 PANIC: WAL contains references to invalid pages

I've read the discussion, but I'm wondering what the condition where this failure happens. I guess I understand the following conditions need to hold true. Are there any other conditions?

* The database server crashes while a btree index is being extended (by page split).
* Hot standby is used.
* The standby is rebuilt and started.

When I last investigated the bug, the user was doing repeated failover testing --- stop the master by running "pg_ctl stop -mi" while some application was performing database updates, promote the standby, rebuild the standby with pg_basebackup, and start the new standby. In one of those iterations, the newly rebuilt standby crashed with "WAL contains references to invalid pages". This seems to match the above mail thread.

However, I don't understand why btree_xlog_vacuum() encountered an all-zero page. How did the all-zero page appear on the standby? Was it transferred from master by pg_basebackup? FYI, the server log didn't contain any messages related to disk full, nor any ERROR messages.


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