On 12/13/13 11:40 PM, Craig Ringer wrote:
You may want to check out the updated writable security-barrier views patch.


It may offer a path forward for the CF submission for RLS, letting us
get rid of the var/attr fiddling that many here objected to.

With my advocacy hat on, I'd like to revisit this idea now that there's a viable updatable security barrier view submission. I thought the most serious showstopper feedback from the last CF's RLS submission was that this needed to be sorted out first. Reworking KaiGai's submission to merge against Dean's new one makes it viable again in my mind, and I'd like to continue toward re-reviewing it as part of this CF in that light. Admittedly it's not ideal to try and do that at the same time the barrier view patch is being modified, but I see that as a normal CF merge of things based on other people's submissions.

I mentioned advocacy because the budding new PostgreSQL test instances I'm seeing now will lose a lot of momentum if we end up with no user visible RLS features in 9.4. The pieces we have now can assemble into something that's useful, and I don't think that goal is unreasonably far away.

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