I wrote:
> [ speculation about refactoring the API of transformRelOptions ]

This morning I remembered that there's another patch in the queue with
an interest in the API and behavior of transformRelOptions:

While I think that one has no chance of getting committed in exactly
the submitted form, some descendant patch may well make it in; if we do
anything to transformRelOptions right now it'll create merge issues for
any work in that area.

Moreover, the amount of .data space that'd be saved by twiddling
transformRelOptions' API is negligible, so it's not really that
interesting for the purposes of this patch.  So I think the right
thing to do for now is just drop the relevant parts of this patch.
We can revisit the issue, if still needed, after the extension-options
dust settles.

I'll keep looking at the rest of this patch.

                        regards, tom lane

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