2014/1/17 Jov <am...@amutu.com>
> but in the psql --help,-F say:
>> set field separator (default: "|")

> if user don't read the offical doc carefully,he can use:
>> psql -F , -c 'select ...'
> But can't get what he want.
> It is a bad user Experience.

+1 from me, patch applies and is helpful.

After patching this line in psql --help is 82 characters long; I think
it's best to keep help screens below 80 characters wide (although
there's already 1 other line violating this rule).

I think the word "set" is pretty useless there anyway, maybe remove
that so the message becomes "field separator for unaligned output
(default: "|")"

PS: There isn't an open CommitFest to add this to. Shouldn't we always
open a new CF when the last one goes in progress? If there's no date,
it may be simply called "next"


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