On 01/19/2014 10:31 PM, Rami Grossman wrote:
Hi everyone,

Is it possible to add the hstore 2.0 patch (and later the json solution) as an extension for 9.3 right now, so we'll not have to wait for 9.4

I can say that this patch is very important for my organisation's large project, they won't approve it as a patch but as extension it will go.

Thanks for your important work!

In the past I have backported some of the json work as extensions. However, that has been done as paid work at commercial rates.

Furthermore it isn't always 100% doable. Backporting types (like jsonb) is particularly troublesome, since a type created by an extension normally can not be upgradable to a builtin type. That means playing some pretty ugly tricks. What is more, we can't even play those tricks until we know for sure what the builtin type Oid will be, which we do not yet know, as the patch has not been committed.

My intention at least this time around has been not to backport.



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