Peter Eisentraut escribió:
> src/backend/postmaster/postmaster.c:2255: indent with spaces.
> +        else
> src/backend/postmaster/postmaster.c:2267: indent with spaces.
> +            break;

I just checked the Jenkins page for this patch:
just to make sure I can figure out what it means.  You reported it as
"build unstable" in the commitfest entry:
However, looking at Jenkins, I couldn't figure out what the problem is.
I can go to the "GNU make + GCC warnings" page, which lists one
warning -- but we already know it:
        unused variable ‘yyg’ [-Wunused-variable]

I can go to the "console output" page, which has this:

01:24:53 + tar cJf postgresql-9.4.bin.tar.xz postgresql-9.4.bin/
01:24:53 [WARNINGS] Parsing warnings in console log with parser GNU Make + GNU 
Compiler (gcc)
01:24:53 [WARNINGS] Computing warning deltas based on reference build #242
01:24:53 [WARNINGS] Ignore new warnings since this is the first valid build
01:24:53 Archiving artifacts
01:24:53 WARN: No artifacts found that match the file pattern 
"**/regression.diffs,**/regression.out,cpluspluscheck.out". Configuration error?
01:24:53 WARN: ‘**/regression.diffs’ doesn’t match anything: ‘**’ exists but 
not ‘**/regression.diffs’
01:24:53 Checking console output
01:24:53 5644dbce38ce0f5f16155eba9988fee1  -
01:24:53 Build step 'Jenkins Text Finder' changed build result to UNSTABLE

But I can hardly blame the patch for the above, can I?

I'm not saying I like the patch; I just wonder how to make Jenkins work
for me effectively.  Is this a configuration error?  Should I be looking
at some other page?

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