First of all, I apologize for submitting a patch and missing the commitfest
deadline. Given the size of the patch, I thought I'd submit it for your
consideration regardless.

This patch prevents non-superusers from viewing other user's
pg_stat_activity.application_name.  This topic was discussed some time ago
[1] and consequently application_name was made world readable [2].

I would like to propose that we hide it instead by reverting to the
original behavior.  There is a very large number of databases on the same
cluster shared across different users who can easily view each other's
application_name values.  Along with that, there are some libraries that
default application_name to the name of the running process [3], which can
leak information about what web servers applications are running, queue
systems, etc. Furthermore leaking application names in a multi-tenant
environment is more information than an attacker should have access to on
services like Heroku and other similar providers.

Thanks and regards,

-Harold Giménez


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