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> From: "Amit Kapila" <amit.kapil...@gmail.com>
>> Today, I reviewed the patch again and found it okay, except a small
>> inconsistency which is about default event source name in
>> postgresql.conf, all other places it's changed except in .conf file.
>> Do you think it makes sense to change there as well?
> Oh, I missed it.  postgresql.conf.sample says:
> # The commented-out settings shown in this file represent the default
> values.
> To follow this, we have the line as:
> #event_source = 'PostgreSQL 9.4'
> But this requires us to change this line for each major release.  That's a
> maintenance headache.

What I had in mind was to change it during initdb, we are already doing it
for some other parameter (unix_socket_directories), please refer below
code in initdb.c

snprintf(repltok, sizeof(repltok), "#unix_socket_directories = '%s'",
snprintf(repltok, sizeof(repltok), "#unix_socket_directories = ''");
conflines = replace_token(conflines, "#unix_socket_directories = '/tmp'",

Could you once check if it is possible in above way to change

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