Jon Nelson <> writes:
> A rough summary of the patch follows:

> - a GUC variable enables or disables this capability
> - in nodeAgg.c, eliding duplicate tuples is enabled if the number of
>   distinct columns is equal to the number of sort columns (and both are
>   greater than zero).
> - in createplan.c, eliding duplicate tuples is enabled if we are
>   creating a unique plan which involves sorting first
> - ditto planner.c
> - all of the remaining changes are in tuplesort.c, which consist of:
>   + a new macro, DISCARDTUP and a new structure member, discardtup, are
>     both defined and operate similar to COMPARETUP, COPYTUP, etc...
>   + in puttuple_common, when state is TSS_BUILDRUNS, we *may* simply
>     throw out the new tuple if it compares as identical to the tuple at
>     the top of the heap. Since we're already performing this comparison,
>     this is essentially free.
>   + in mergeonerun, we may discard a tuple if it compares as identical
>     to the *last written tuple*. This is a comparison that did not take
>     place before, so it's not free, but it saves a write I/O.
>   + We perform the same logic in dumptuples

[ raised eyebrow ... ]  And what happens if the planner drops the
unique step and then the sort doesn't actually go to disk?

                        regards, tom lane

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