Kevin Grittner <> writes:
> My preference would be to not generate noise for interim states;
> just report net changes.

Yeah.  Is it worth explicitly detecting and dropping redundant assignments
to the same variable?  A naive check for that would be O(N^2) in the
number of entries in the conf file, but perhaps that's still cheap enough
in practice.  This would mean for example that

   shared_buffers = 'oops'
   shared_buffers = '128MB'

would not draw an error, which doesn't bother me but might bother

> And don't say that a file "contains
> errors" when we mean "those options are ignored on reload; they
> will only take effect on restart".

I'm not happy about complicating that logic even more.  I think the
reasonable choices here are to reword that message somehow, or just
drop it completely.

                        regards, tom lane

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