On Tue, 2002-10-01 at 01:10, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > Given what Tom has posted regarding the standard, I think Oracle 
> > is wrong. I'm wondering how the others handle multiple 
> > references in CURRENT_TIMESTAMP in a single stored 
> > procedure/function invocation. It seems to me that the lower 
> > bound is #4, not #5, and the upper bound is implementation 
> > dependent. Therefore PostgreSQL is in compliance, but its 
> > compliance is not very popular.
> I don't see how we can be compliant if SQL92 says:
>       The time of evaluation of the <datetime value function> during the
>       execution of the SQL-statement is implementation-dependent.
> It says it has to be "during the SQL statement", or is SQL statement
> also ambiguous? 

It can be, as "during the SQL statement" can mean either the single
statement inside the PL/SQL function (SELECT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP INTO
time1 FROM DUAL;) or the whole invocation of the Pl/SQL funtion (the /
command in Mikes sample, i believe)


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