On 1/19/14, 5:51 PM, Dave Chinner wrote:
Postgres is far from being the only application that wants this; many
>people resort to tmpfs because of this:
Yes, we covered the possibility of using tmpfs much earlier in the
thread, and came to the conclusion that temp files can be larger
than memory so tmpfs isn't the solution here.:)

Although... instead of inventing new APIs and foisting this work onto 
applications, perhaps it would be better to modify tmpfs such that it can 
handle a temp space that's larger than memory... possibly backing it with X 
amount of real disk and allowing it/the kernel to decide when to passively move 
files out of the in-memory tmpfs and onto disk.

Of course that's theoretically what swapping is supposed to do, but if that's 
not up to the job...
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