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> * Why must we not schema qualify system types
>   (c.f. expand_jsonval_typename)? It seems to be perfectly sensible to
>   me to just use pg_catalog there.

So, the reason for doing things this way is to handle cases like
"varchar(10)" being turned into "character varying"; and that name
requires that the typename NOT be schema-qualified, otherwise it fails.
But thinking about this again, I don't see a reason why this can't be
returned simply as pg_catalog.varchar(10); this should work fine on the
receiving end as well, and give the same result.

The other cases I'm worried about are types like bit(1) vs. unadorned
bit vs. double-quoted "bit", and "char", etc.  I'm not sure I'm dealing
with them correctly right now.  So even if by the above paragraph I
could make the is_system thingy go away, I might still need it to cover
this case.

Thanks for the review, I will post an updated version later after fixing
the other issues you mentioned plus adding support for more commands.

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