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> On Jan24, 2014, at 08:47 , Dean Rasheed <dean.a.rash...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The invtrans_minmax patch doesn't contain any patches yet - David, could
> you provide some for these functions, and also for bool_and and bool_or?
> We don't need to test every datatype, but a few would be nice.
I've added a few regression tests for min, min and bool_or and bool_and.
I've pushed these up to here:


I did wonder if you'd want to see uses of FILTER in there as I'm thinking
that should really be covered by the core patch and the tests here really
should just be checking the inverse transition functions for min and max.

As for the data types tested, I ended just adding tests for int and text
for min and max. Let me know if you think that more should be tested.

As for bool_or and bool_and. I didn't think there was much extra that would
need tested after I added 1 test. It's pretty simple code and adding
anything extra seems like it would be testing something else.


David Rowley

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