just a word of warning: it seems as if there is compiler bug in clang
regarding the ternary operator when used in ereport(). While working
on a patch I found that this code:

                                (errmsg("could not map anonymous shared memory: 
                                 (errno == ENOMEM) ?
                                 errhint("This error usually means that 
PostgreSQL's request "
                                                 "for a shared memory segment 
exceeded available memory "
                                                 "or swap space. To reduce the 
request size (currently "
                                                 "%zu bytes), reduce 
PostgreSQL's shared memory usage, "
                                                 "perhaps by reducing 
shared_buffers or "
                                                 *size) : 0));

did not emit a errhint when using clang, although errno == ENOMEM was
true. The same code works with gcc. I used the same data dir, so
config was exactly the same, too.

I reported this bug at clang.org:


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