On 28 January 2014 19:43, Stephen Frost <sfr...@snowman.net> wrote:
> Thom,
> * Thom Brown (t...@linux.com) wrote:
>> Application to Google Summer of Code 2014 can be made as of next
>> Monday (3rd Feb), and then there will be a 12 day window in which to
>> submit an application.
> This is just for PG to be a participating organization, right?  There's
> a while before mentors and students get invovled, as I understand it.

Yes, correct.  Students and mentors don't need to be signed up until April.

>> Who would be up for mentoring this year?  And are there any project
>> ideas folk would like to suggest?
> I'm interested in mentoring and, unlike previous years, I've been
> collecting a personal list of things that I'd like to see worked on for
> PG which could be GSoC projects and will provide such in the next few
> days to this list (unless there's a different list that people want such
> posted to..?).

That's great.  I don't see any problem with posting suggestions here,
although I'd suggest refraining from going in-depth as that can come
later.  If there's enough interest and agreement, we'll go ahead and


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