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> Hi Michael,
> Michael Paesold wrote:
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> > Hi Justin,
> >
> > I am from Austria, and I would like to help. I could provide a German
> > translation. The Babelfish's translation is really funny. Machine
> > translation is readable, but it is no advocacy. ;-) I do not really nead
> > interface, but just tell me in what way you want the texts.
> Cool.  Could you deal with an OpenOffice Calc or M$ Excel file having
> the lines of English text in one column, and doing the German
> translation into a second column?
> That might be easiest, and will allow a cut-n-paste of the German
> version straight into the database backend.
> Sound workable to you?

Spreadsheet sounds great. I use M$.
Perhaps you can group the items in categories, at least navigation and text.
So I know where the text will be put on the website. The translation could
be different depending on how a word is used. E.g. it is quite common on
German websites to use the same English word "Home" for the main page; but
you would not use "Home" in a different context. The exceptable length of a
translation depends on the context, too.

Best Regards,
Michael Paesold

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