(2014/01/29 17:31), Rajeev rastogi wrote:
On 28th January, Mitsumasa KONDO wrote:
By the way, latest pg_stat_statement might affect performance in
Windows system.
Because it uses fflush() system call every creating new entry in
pg_stat_statements, and it calls many fread() to warm file cache. It
works well in Linux system, but I'm not sure in Windows system. If you
have time, could you test it on your Windows system? If it affects
perfomance a lot, we can still change it.

No Issue, you can share me the test cases, I will take the performance report.
Thank you for your kind!

I posted another opinion in his patch. So please wait for a while, for not waste your test time.

Mitsumasa KONDO
NTT Open Source Software Center

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