Andrew Dunstan <> writes:
> While Bruce is working on pgindent, let me register a small wishlist 
> item. It would be quite useful to be able to supply extra typedefs on 
> the command line to supplement a typedefs file downloaded from the 
> buildfarm or constructed however. A concrete example: in the code I have 
> been recently working on, there are typedefs for Jsonb and JsonbValue. 
> If I run pgindent as normal on the new code these items are not treated 
> properly. What I had to do was take a special copy of the typedefs list 
> and add those two items. If we could pass a list of extra typedefs to 
> supplement the typedefs file that would be very useful. Then I could do 
> something like:

>     pgindent --typedef Jsonb --typedef JsonbValue
>     src/backend/utils/adt/jsonfuncs.c

> without having to mangle a typedefs file.

Personally, I always just edit the downloaded file to add whatever
typedefs the patch I'm working on adds.  I wouldn't use a command
line switch even if there was one, because then I'd have to remember
which typedef names to add each time I run pgindent.

                        regards, tom lane

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