On Sat, Feb  1, 2014 at 02:25:16AM +0100, Vik Fearing wrote:
> > OK, thanks for the feedback.  I understand now.  The contents of the
> > string will potentially have a larger integer, but the byte length of
> > the string in the wire protocol doesn't change.
> >
> > Let's wait for Vik to reply and I think we can move forward.
> Unfortunately, I just did some cleanup last week and removed that
> branch.  Had I waited a bit more I still would have had all the work I
> had done.  I'll see how quickly I can redo it to get to the part where I
> got scared of what I was doing.
> It will have to wait until next week though; I am currently at FOSDEM.

OK, thanks.  I thought it only required passing the int64 around until
it got into the string passed to the client.  The original patch is in
the email archives if you want it.

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