On 2/2/14, 10:23 AM, Fujii Masao wrote:
> I'm thinking to change basebackup.c so that it compares the
> name of the directory that it's trying to back up and the setting
> value of log_directory parameter, then, if they are the same,
> it just skips the directory. The patch that I sent upthread does
> this regarding stats_temp_directory.

I'm undecided on whether log files should be copied, but in case we
decide not to, it needs to be considered whether we at least recreate
the pg_log directory on the standby.  Otherwise weird things will happen
when you start the standby, and it would introduce an extra fixup step
to sort that out.

Extra credit for doing something useful when pg_log is a symlink.

I fear, however, that if you end up implementing all that logic, it
would become too much special magic.

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