Kyotaro HORIGUCHI <> writes:
> getaddrinfo returned two same entries having the same address
> AF_INET "". One of them is for "::1" in
> hosts. This is worse than current behavior X-(

Yeah, the fundamental issue is that getaddrinfo tends to return bogus

>>> How about just adding a HINT?

>> Hmm ... maybe, but how would you phrase the hint exactly?

> Putting the 'exactly' aside, is it something means 'You will get
> this message when the feature to handle the address family is
> disabled', only for EAFNOSUPPORT ?

>  Though I don't know whether such a hint is helpful for those who
> tend to mind that kind of message.

I still think the best thing might be to reduce the individual messages
to DEBUG-something, and only produce a LOG entry if we are unable to
bind to *any* of the addresses returned by getaddrinfo.

                        regards, tom lane

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