On 8 February 2014 21:25, Andres Freund <and...@2ndquadrant.com> wrote:
> On 2014-02-08 21:07:03 +0000, Thom Brown wrote:
>> > I'll continue to play around with the feature.
>> Next issue.  Firstly, an out-of-date example:
>> doc/src/sgml/changesetextraction.sgml
>> pg_recvlogical --slot test --init -d testdb
>> There's no option --init.  I think this is supposed to be --create.
> Fixed. It used to be --init, but that has changed. Thanks.
>> $ pg_recvlogical --slot test --create -d testdb
>> pg_recvlogical: could not send replication command
>> "CREATE_REPLICATION_SLOT "test" LOGICAL "test_decoding"": extraneous
>> data in "T" message
> Gah. Another merge issue. Fixed. We really need to have infrastructure
> for testing binaries...

Thanks, no issue with that now.

Got a question about ranges and arrays usage with timestamps... why
are quotes added to these?

timestamptz (no quotes with input or output):
table "a": INSERT: moo[timestamptz]:2014-02-08 22:09:33+00

tstzrange (no quotes with input, but quotes with output):
table "b": INSERT: moo[tstzrange]:["2014-02-08
13:45:22+00","2014-02-08 14:45:42+00")

timestamptz[] (no quotes with input, but quotes with output):
table "c": INSERT: moo[_timestamptz]:{"2010-01-01
13:45:22+00","2010-01-03 14:45:42+00"}

tstzrange[] (one set of quotes with input, two sets of quotes with
output, one set of which are escaped):
table "d": INSERT: moo[_tstzrange]:{"(\"2014-02-08
13:45:22+00\",\"2014-02-08 13:45:42+00\"]","[\"2014-02-07
10:12:19+00\",\"2014-02-07 13:51:16+00\"]"}


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