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>> On 02/09/2014 02:17 PM, Magnus Hagander wrote:
>>> If an error occurs in the foreground (backup) process of pg_basebackup,
>>> and
>>> we exit in a controlled way, the background process (streaming xlog
>>> process) would stay around and keep streaming.
>>> This can happen for example if disk space runs out and there is very low
>>> activity on the server. (If there is activity on the server, the
>>> background
>>> streamer will also run out of disk space and exit)
>>> Attached patch kills it off in disconnect_and_exit(), which seems like
>>> the
>>> right thing to do to me.
>>> Any objections to applying and backpatching that for the upcoming minor
>>> releases?
>> Do you get a different error message with this patch than before? Is the
>> new one better than the old one?
> Previously you got double error messages - one from the foreground, and a
> second one from the background sometime in the future (whenever it
> eventually failed, and for whatever reason - so if it was out of disk
> space, it would complain about that once it got enough xlog for it to
> happen).
> With the patch you just get the error message from the first process. The
> background process doesn't give an error on SIGTERM, it just exists.
Since there were no other objections, I've applied this patch.

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