On 2014-02-14 09:23:45 +0100, Erik Rijkers wrote:
> >0001-wal_decoding-Introduce-logical-changeset-extraction.patch.gz    159 k
> >0002-wal_decoding-logical-changeset-extraction-walsender-.patch.gz   16 k
> >0003-wal_decoding-pg_recvlogical-Introduce-pg_receivexlog.patch.gz   15 k
> >0004-wal_decoding-Documentation-for-replication-slots-and.patch.gz   14 k
> >0005-wal_decoding-Temporarily-add-logical-decoding-regres.patch.gz   1.8 k
> These don't apply...

Works here, could you give a bit more details about the problem you have
applying them? Note that they are compressed, so need to be gunzipped first...


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