(2014/02/15 23:04), Andres Freund wrote:
Hi Simon,

On 2014-01-14 17:12:35 +0000, Simon Riggs wrote:
- *     MarkCurrentTransactionIdLoggedIfAny
+ * ReportTransactionInsertedWAL
- * Remember that the current xid - if it is assigned - now has been wal logged.
+ * Remember that the current xid - if it is assigned - has now inserted WAL
+ReportTransactionInsertedWAL(uint32 insertedWALVolume)
+       currentTransactionWALVolume += insertedWALVolume;
        if (TransactionIdIsValid(CurrentTransactionState->transactionId))
                CurrentTransactionState->didLogXid = true;

Not a big fan of combining those two. One works on the toplevel
transaction, the other on the current subtransaction... The new name
also ignores that it's only taking effect if there's actually a
transaction in progress.
Oh, yes. I don't have good idea, but we need to change function name or add new
function for WAL adding volume. If it will be fixed, I set ready for commiter,
because I cannot see any bad point in this patch.

Mitsumasa KONDO
NTT Open Source Software Center

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